If you are an administrator you can go to the admin section of Safety Mojo & click on Forms & select the form type in question (for example: Job Observation). You will see the full list of the forms.

To edit: Click on the form name & select “Edit” and you will be able to edit the form in much the same way you created it.
To delete: Select the tick box on the left of the name & by Actions (top right) click the drop down & select “Delete Item(s)”. A pop up will show asking you to confirm deleting the form & once confirmed the form is removed from Safety Mojo.
If you are not an administrator you may still be able to edit the form. Log into Safety Mojo and select the blue button next to the form in question. You will then see a list of the completed forms. Click on the name of the form & there should be a button called “Edit”, select it & you will be able to edit the form.