Safety Mojo is a proud sponsor of the Carolina’s AGC Foundation Safety and Health Conference.



Join us at our booth to discover an interactive demo, and we’ll show you what we can do…

Eric Lambert of Zurich North America showing off the Oakley’s he won during our last Mojo Raffle Game!

eric-zurichWhen you visit us at our booth, we set you up with a conference Mojo account.

During the conference you can not only file funny and interesting observations, you can also observe the other conference participants activity as well. Keep stopping by our booth for trending.

Each observation you file (we show you how) is a raffle ticket to win one of several pairs of Oakley Sunglasses!


chris-morganSafety Mojo Founder Chris Morgan “Moving your Safety Program Forward with Software”

Join us again during the morning of March 31st during the safety breakout sessions.

We will be leading a discussion with real life examples of how safety programs use software to increase accountability and engagement, and ultimately success.

For More Information on the conference, click here.

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