If it needs to be inspected, logged, or tracked, we can help you.  The core of our business plan is to take your forms and integrate them into our system, putting the professional touch of a programmer into your customized app.

GPS Tagging – No need to input the address you are at simply drop location & we tag it!

Signature Object – Anyone can sign directly into any Safety Mojo Form.

Sharing – Add comments to forms & notify anyone within your company.

Notifications – Notify subcontractors, employees and management automatically within Mojo.

Corrective Actions – Assign an observation to another person for corrective actions.  A reminder every day until the corrective action is resolved.

Voice to text – Using your mobile device simply add in the details using voice to text.

Confirmation – Instant submission assurance to the field, after you complete a form, get a confirmation email to make sure it got in and went to the right place.

Form Library – We have over 20 different already made forms for you to utilize

Customization – Give us your forms and we will give them the Safety Mojo Touch!


At Safety Mojo we provide you with the standard reporting tools along with cutting edge technology ensuring employee’s complete important forms all at your finger tips.

Reports – Collate reports for Safety Mojo forms, seeing the most important data quickly.

Filter & Export – All forms can be filtered for easy searching along with the ability to export all form data.

Goals & Controls – Setup reminders for employees to complete forms & keep them in check with notifications to managers & a robust analytics tool.

Combining – Combine your observations to make a safety inspection report.

Dashboards – Have unlimited Dashboards that provide a clear overview on forms, goals & controls and even Safety Meetings.

Widgets – Create unique analytics tools in any way you like with a robust sorting system.

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Safety Mojo provides you with unique user permissions, ensure employee’s only see what is relevant to them and ensure complete control.

We make it easier to manage divisions, projects & sub-contractors, simply add them in and see how your forms are transformed.

User permissions – 5 Levels of user permissions allows you to make sure that employee’s only see what is meant for them while providing managers with a complete overview.

Divisions & Projects – Add details of divisions & projects such as names and addresses along with documents. Using these features you can lock down Safety Mojo so that employees can only see certain divisions or projects.

Subcontractors – Add all the subcontractors your company work with and keep them up to date with projects & notify them automatically.

Training Compliance – Ensure all employees keep up to date with required certifications with an automated training reminder feature.

Employee Management

Manage all employees directly in Safety Mojo, we provide a full service of uploading employee information, track training, built in certificates and employee badges.

Employee Compliance – Pro-active employee management tools. Ask each of your employees to affirm your compliance at whatever frequency you desire!

Employee List – Upload a full list of employees and keep track of their details such as date of hire, supervisor, employee number & more.

QR Code & Employee Badge – There is a unique employee badge with all their details along with a QR Code that allows you to see all their details with a snap.

Training Classes – Create training topics & classes for employees, they can sign in directly using the app. After the training is completed print out auto completed certificates right inside Safety Mojo.

Affirmations – Employees can affirm that they have been paid correctly, not had an accident & take their breaks correctly all with email notifications.

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